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how to add a header template oxygen Blogger Templates 2022 ?

My main theme is my personal blog and I want to add a header template. Is that possible? Should I choose my blog theme?


  • I believe you have two choices.
  • 1: If your blog allows you to simply change the theme, you could change it to your personal theme and then create a new “header” design and link it to the blog posts.
  • 2:
  • Make your header a custom page.
  • Make that page look exactly the way you want it to.
  • Make the page NOT a blog post.
  • Make the blog posts link to the page, passing in whatever data it requires (via a query string).

The benefit of the 2nd option is that you don’t need a new theme. The benefit of 1st option is that if you make your header page look exactly the way that you want it to (in the style you prefer), there is no reason to not use it.


I want to add a header template for my blog. What is it written in that the title and the description of the template have to be put within the the header template. How to do this? I want to create the heading as below image

You can’t do that, because header are not editable, you can do that with title tags.

  1. Field of the Invention
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  2. Background of the Invention
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    The toner image formed by the direct developing type is transferred on the intermediate belt or the intermediate transfer member immediately after its formation. The toner image which has been transferred onto the intermediate member is then transferred by a transfer unit onto an original sheet fed in a state with its back surface in contact with a belt or member of the intermediate member. According to the technology explained above, a surface of the original sheet is brought into contact with the intermediate member before its passing through a fusing unit; hence, a thermal history or thermal stresses can be reduced and toner fixing (or toner application) can be improved.
    Also, a technology capable of enhancing the efficiency of the sheet discharging task by providing the intermediate transfer member or the belt or the like in contact with a top sheet (which is the final sheet of an image to be formed for a recording subject) of a set of the back surfaces of a plurality of original sheets to discharge the set of the original sheets one after another as a single sheet (set of the originals) by means of the single sheet processing function is available.

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